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Why you should advertise in Easy Engineering TV

Easy Engineering TV is the first worldwide provider of news and videos for industrial professionals from fields such as: technology, manufacturing, construction, logistics, electronics, science and so on.

High quality standards
Easy Engineering TV sets new standards in terms of content and cutting edge graphics. The editorial staff is composed of passionate worldwide journalists with over 15 years of experience in the specialized press.

Innovative content distribution
It has never been easier to get the information directly to our readers. World wide social media coverage ensures the information travels quickly and efficiently.
To reach your desired audience we use social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram.

The editorial plan is varied, reaching every industry and making interesting connections between them, being the first in the world that brings together all these areas in one place so that our viewers can find the answers to all their questions.

Due to the complex promotion packages use an innovative network of content distribution. The content can either be created by us or can be only distributed. We also create high quality video productions, from on-site reports to documentaries and corporate presentation films.

What sets Easy Engineering TV apart is the truly unique audience composed from entrepreneurs, engineers or decision makers all of whom strive to be well-informed.

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