Vario-X – Decentralized automation, zero cabinet

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Into the field, decentralize, modularize, combine technologies, act more energy efficiently, reduce and simplify complexity and find smart solutions.

This is what Vario-X achieves: 100 percent decentralized automation without control cabinets. The Vario-X system solves increasingly complex production challenges. Vario-X is a modular system with solutions for every machine need imagined down to the smallest detail. You can plan and expand your system according to all the rules of the art – flexible, scalable, machine mountable and compact.

Our decentralized system eliminates the need for time-consuming installation. Set-up times and error sources are eliminated. Service and down-times are adjusted to your production cycles through predictive maintenance. Sounds complex, but Murrelektronik makes it quite simple!
The future of automation is cabinetless.

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